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So that's TWO nominations at the Action on Film Festival!! In the LA area? Come to the screening on Saturday July 28th!! We'll be there so come party with us!!

Yo man, the title says it all!! The Action of Film Festival takes place this month in Long Beach, CA. I'm heading out there and meeting Brianna Shaughnessy, the actress who played Willie- the super kick ass girl! So i announced last week that we were an official selection and learned tonight that Deployment Strategy is 1 of 5 nominations for Best Special Effects!

Coolness!, one of the coolest sites for news and forum discussions just gave us some coverage! I've been a member there for a little while (the discussion boards are sweeet) and have been sharing movie updates and getting great support from a nice group of people who love all that is great in life- action, sci-fi, movies, comics, etc. Take a look at the screenshot after the jump or just go to their site now!

yee-ha! I just got word this morning that Deployment Strategy won the Sci-Fi Short film division at The Indie Gathering, an excellent festival in Cleveland, OH. The film will be screened there August 4th with filmmaker QAs and workshops taking place the whole weekend!! This is Deployment Strategy's first official placement in the festival circuit! We're sooo psyched!




So this IS NOT the official poster for the film, but I needed to rush a quick one. Not bad huh? The Big Bang Film Festival is so gracious to list all entries- not just official selections on their website. Kind of rare for a festival right?

They only required a small version of the movie poster so for mine, there is no enlarged version since it's just a temporary one. I like this quick one because it does incorporate the overall style I'm going for...

The Big Bang festival entry page will show a picture of me, the movie poster, synopsis, and hopefully the trailer! Details as they come in...

My Big Bang entry page

Hey all, short post here- i've been burning dvds using some cheap software suit for festival applications and have had to learn the hard way about dvd and dvd-burning software. Have hit my share of road bumps so far, so here's an update...

So i post on this site, and the guys there are really cool. It's a sci-fi movie film fan site with news and boards. Anyways, the boyz there are really cool and have been supportive and excited about this project as I've shared news with them. One guy Mitch just asked me for some details about the process and I thought i'd just repost my answers to him here for you folks! check it out!

Trucking right along here with festival submissions. I've applied to 30 so far with more to come. The end of May is a popular time for festival admissions which is why i set that June 1st deadline and was so quiet for a while on this site! is my new favorite site and, yes, Chris Gore's Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide is my new reading material! Here's the list of festivals I've applied to so far...

Notice anything different on the site? :) Check out my fancy-shmancy Trailer Viewer on the right!!

So Rob Daly's finished his sound design and mix. I won't lie and say it's 100% complete, BUT we met our deadline of having a festival-ready version done on June 1st.

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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