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New Cast Page..

Hey all, just added a dedicated cast page...more content on the way here.


there may be intermittent strangeness going on in formatting and stuff this weekend!!! whole week.. Sealed

please have patience! thanks

Hey guys, it's a work in progress! Innocent




I'm almost done with vfx...stay tuned for a sweet montage of almost all the vfx in the film. it'll be a major spoiler reel so proceed with caution!...also got a nice surprise for you web guys coming up next week ;)


Soldiers take down a cyborg with explosive bullets!!!!

i had to post this work-in-progress shot for you guys!! I slowed it down to half the speed so you can appreciate/scrutinize my handy work. I'm close to the end of these effects and this sequence is one of the fun ones!! I had to encode in divx so I wouldn't hose your bandwidth. check it yo. When completed and played at regular speed, this sequence is only 10 seconds long! hope you like. more soon. mc

hey guys,

A short film/parody I made a couple of years ago recently placed 4th in the MTV Desktop Film Festival. The winners and semi-finalists are all being showcased on a special section of, another of MTV's properties. Even though it placed 4th, it seems to be doing really well in terms of page views. so here's my shameless promotion for it. It's called "Itzfuct"...and i hope you'll agree that it really is...


sup all, woah, i'm getting tired! In addition to the day job, i've been committing 4-6 hours a day on the vfx for the film - 1 hour on the train each way + another 2-4 hours in the evening!!

I've been meaning to post some samples for you, but i just don't want to take any time away from actually creating them. many shots are just muzzle flashes and shell ejections- standard stuff now - but there are some others that are just so much fun to do- the thing is, I'm hesitant to show them to you cuz many of them are major plot points that would really ruin the viewing.

so instead, I thought I'd post some links of great places to learn and get vfx assets to enhance your own action flicks...


keep on trucking!

sup all, hope your holidays were cool. I've been trucking through this list of vfx that are on my plate. Will post a montage soon for you guys. will also post a library of assets for you After Effects freaks if you want to duplicate my muzzle flashes and shell casings for your own work.

I also got the latest soundtrack work from Chris. This time it was a scene from the end where our hero Lee (played by Ollie) is dazed and confused. It rocks!!!!

yo it's late! here are 6 visual effects clips that I've done this week.(10 megs, divx) Included here is the expanded scene of the headshot posted earlier this week. more info later!!

Here's an animated gif for you to help you decide if 10 megs is worth the download (is it? oh please)



hope you guys are enjoying the updates. I completed another one last night and half of one on the train to work this morning! Instead of posting every single one each time I complete them, i'll try to save them up and post 3 or 4 together.

been having a great time finishing and sharing the work with you guys. been getting good feedback, so thanks for that! it means a lot.

I'm having another private screening tomorrow night with a couple of sci-fi geeks to show them what i have and get some feedback. so far the number of ppl who have seen what I have are less than 10. More laters!


Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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