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I had a productive sunday this weekend. (saturday was go-to-the-comicbook-store-day). Started the final straightaway of this marathon. 42 fx shots I need to complete. Polished off 2 today. Here's a sample.

If you read the article I wrote in SF, you'll remember the bodygaurd headshot effect that I discussed preparing for. This is it.(quicktime, 7 megs).



i was going to write a nice post about how well audio pickups went last night but instead the only thing on my mind is how i left the damn camera on the train.................

happy november! I kicked some ice this weekend and banged out another computer interface sequence. This is the 3rd completed sequence of what I'm calling, "interface" sequences. I referred to this one a couple of weeks ago when I started to create some of the assets for it...

Watch the clip! (1.5 megs, Divx)

This sequence takes place in a turning point in the story when we learn more about the programmer and his background. The clip was assembled and animated the After Effects from assets created in Photoshop.

Hey guys,

I've been busy getting fx sequences done and wanted to share one that's pretty complete.

If you're a returning visitor, you may have read my post about the Multibodies , or Chris Haigh's amazing soundtrack work, or maybe you read about how I build a set in my basement of the dropship's interior in SF magazine.

Hey guys,

So here's a sample clip(wmv format) of the programmer's desktop I posted about earlier this week. The footage of the screen was done this past weekend...

...and is shown here with the rest of the live action footage that was shot in January!

some interesting notes about what you'll see:

  1. the footage of the laptop screen was filmed in my computer room (and not the warehouse location).
  2. I filmed this by myself at first - no actors - until my wife decided to help me!
  3. in order to match the action of the hands of the programmer and the diplomat banging on the keyboard, i originally wore the jacket sleeves of each character's costume. My wife ultimately took over the programmer's role. Thanks, jen!!
  4. To get a handheld feel for the camera, i rigged the dvx camera on a belt and wore it around my neck.

Finally, please keep in mind that soundtrack, sound effects, and sound mixing are not done yet on this clip. that'll happen later!!
The spatman sold me some costume armor for Deployment Strategy which I was very happy with!!!


Programmer's Desktop

Yo yo, this past weekend we completed the pickups for the film and now have all the live action footage!

So, I've uploaded a new effect i wanted to share with you...

This one is the computer programmer's desktop. there are several shots throughout the film of what the rogue programmer is doing. in order to make it look like a futuristic desktop, i designed a new looking desktop and created a webpage out of it. I then view the webpage in Internet Explorer, and use the browser's "full screen" mode to hide the entire interface. The laptop i was using has a 1024 x 768 screen resolution, so my page is made to that spec.


Where we at??

hey guys, i'm back!

I took a week off (2 weeks ago!) to see family and get some rest, and am now gunning to wrap this up. SORRRY for no updates! i've received some angry eager fans wanting to know what's going on so here's a summary post, and a promise to post more stuff!

You know that Project Status chart in the top right? Next time, i'm going to break down Post-Production into 60 million individual steps cuz there's so much to do!!! There are many things that are developing in parallel which may explain why nothing's done yet, but it will mean that once they begin to finish, it'll happen fast!

As i mentioned in the earlier post, i've been looking for a 3D animator. Here are some rough documents I put together in my RFP to explain to potential animators what I'm looking for.

I have photo plates that will be used for backgrounds, I have the 3D models and textures. These images are my way of showing storyboards as well as what elements I already have prepared. The idea is to give them as much information you have about not just the materials and assets, but also how you're visualizing the shots to look like. So, I've included photoshop composites I made from the modellers' work-in-progress shots. Click to enlarge:

First off, lets talk about this image! As you may know, our story revolves around the mission of D9 to detain and question Daniel Richards, a rogue programmer with complete disregard for Federal regulatory standards governing AI software development. There is a key point in the film...

...where the Richards' dossier is revealed and the true nature of the government's interest is finally disclosed. this image is one of a 5 image sequence that shows screens for Richards' dossier. I had to crop the image because it contains a key plot point and I don't want to ruin the story for you! I'll try and post more of them later on. Right now, I'm trying to break down how I want these screens to animate in the film!

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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