breaking news: I enlist services of Art Duck Studios for 3D work!!


Finally!!! after a long and exhaustive search, i've finally found a vendor for the 3D animation for the film. Art Duck Studios ( will tackle the 12 3D animation effects for the film. A dozen doesn't sound like a lot, but they sure are money shots man!! I'll post more in time and hopefully have some WIPs (work-in-progress, guys) to show you as we move ahead. For now, you can check out a previous blog entry about the 3D spec materials i was showing around for an RFP (request for propsal, guys). Yay!!


Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

Random Image from the Gallery

Dropship construction 06

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