CGI Artist/Coordinator


 edit: Adrian Chan is no longer associated with this project.

Adrian Chan joins the Deployment Strategy crew as CGI effects designer and coordinator. I'll be posting Adrian's bio and picture soon, but for now, here's a link to his website! That's a sample from his portfolio!


I found Adrian online at the website, after striking up an online conversation, a couple of phone calls, and his reading and enjoying the script, Adrian came on board. Adrian's currently in the conceptual phase of designing the personnel dropship. (More about that in the FX-CGI section!)


Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

Random Image from the Gallery

Viacom-only Screening Poster

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