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Day 6

"...I'm totally paranoid about Einar getting my suit messy. I confess to him that he's wearing my favorite suit and he cracks up laughing. Hey, that's low budget film making!"

Last day of shooting! Will we finish all of our shots? My shot list is the most efficient thing in the universe! Today, Cal's friend Dave is back, my high school friend, Fabes is here, Jen is off of work and is on-site, and Armando, my behind-the-scenes documentary filmmaker is here again. So including me, that's 6 crew hands. While actors get dressed, I hold a brief meeting with the crew. We have to get a ton of shots down to make the day and make the film. We need to give Patryk all of our efforts and when he needs lights moved, we need to respond as fast as possible. All agree and start. Nathan is on set and has to be in the city by 3pm, so we burn through his shots. His last shot of the day is of the Major being struck in the neck
by a flying appendage that's been torn off of Chavez by the Combat Mech. Nice way to wrap!

We then blow through the sexbot fight scene where our hero, Lee, fights a love android that's been hacked with a hand-to-hand combat mod. Marleah looks great in her outfit! She must be soooo cold though, so we burn through it.

We cap of a bunch of shots featuring our impatient Diplomat, his young but talented programmer (Dmitry), and the programmer's android pet played by Marleah.

By now, Joe is back from GornFX, and we do a great shot where the android, breaks his elbow backwards causing blood to squirt out of the wound. It looks sweet. If anything's going to take out Warnock, it's gotta be this!! When we're done with those scenes, Marleah goes straight to GornFX to get prepped for when the android is peppered with bullets. I'm totally paranoid about Einar getting my suit messy. I confess to him that he's wearing my favorite suit and he cracks up laughing. Hey, that's low budget film making!

Ollie wraps before lunch. His character, Lee, is the main character and Ollie's brought him to life well. He was professional, enthusiastic, with no ego one might expect from one playing the main protagonist. He's going to go far with that attitude.

During lunch break, I'm trying to make sure we finish. I realize I haven't even seen the Diplomat's stunt double. GornFX has prepared a mold of Einar from the shoulders and up. Ingrid (GornFX's female half) has painted the mold and has fitted a wig to its head using digital reference photos of Einar's head that I took a month ago. I run over to see it and can't believe how cool it looks!! Jen tells me that everyone's been posing with it and having a great time comparing the real Einar with it and taking gag photos.

After lunch everyone gathers around to watch the big scene- the Diplomat's demise. We frame the camera to point downward and film Rob strangling and punching Einar. Then, GornFX brings out the dummy and we film a take of Rob punching and strangling the dummy. That's our chapter 1. With chapter 2 GornFX introduces a bit more of damage. They use a scissors to cut into the dummy's face. They begin to pour oatmeal and blood of various thickness into the empty cavity of the dummy's head. The chapter 2 take looks great and we move ahead to chapter 3. By now Rob is totally pounding the dummy. The funniest take is when Rob strangles the dummy and its wig falls off. That one's going into the outtake bin! Oh man, am I glad that I bought that cheap suit and shirt! They are totally soiled and I'd be really sad if that was my best suit!

We wrap the day and the film with a final shot of our damaged love android collapsing to the ground. It's a wrap!

Dave and Cal have bought champagne to celebrate the event and Patryk makes an impromptu speech before we all guzzle down a glass! Patryk and the GornFX guys tease me about my 8 hour days versus the 12 hour shoot days they're used to. I smile. I want to make films, but I want to make them my way'and I guess I just made one my way! Hurray!

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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Dmitri with Einar's double

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