3-D effects work!!!


w00t!! it's finally done! For past month, work on 3D animated shots has been rapid fire. I wanted to post some progress shots, but decided to wait until it was all complete to show you the finished work along with progress shots.

Why? Cuz there will inevitably be someone who watches a pre-vis sequence and snickers, "the resolution is so low!!!" when the point is to focus on composition, blocking, and animation. so here's the reel of final shots.

In the coming days, i'll have more stills and materials in this post to show you how it all unfolded. for now, click read more and enjoy the shots!!


04/09/07 Just posted some supplementary materials!!

these first storyboards you'll see haven't changed too much from how they were originally conceived.

So below is a sample of 2 of the scenes as I had originally planned them to be. These happen to be pairs of shots that were later merged into longer ones in which the camera dollied around more. I figured I spent enough on the animation/design, i might as well exploit the 3D as much as possible and have the camer move all around the models!

this last one above is the one Patryk (the DP) and I had a bet over ;) I wanted to try it, but he said he doubted it would make the final cut.

Later this week, i'll post some pre-vis work and have some screenshots about the process of revising them, etc....

I am...

Impressed... and have bookmarked this site for future reference.

Are you going to offer the finished film for download?

Jason Hollefreund

Reminds me of...

Wow Mark!  Very impressive work!  These effects remind me of the little tv show called "Firefly."  I have to hand it to you great job on everything, perhaps i'll bump into you in the future...


What software are you using!

Lookin pretty good so far. 

Lookin pretty good so far.  The models look nice as well as the textures but the compositing looks a little shoddy.  Needs a little more tweaking to be perfect.  Best of luck!


Wonderful shots. Kudos to you my friend! Keep up the good work, can't wait to see the final product.

Mark I've put a link to this

Mark I've put a link to this on my Blog and some grabs from the vid along with some pics of the models that me and Simon did.


hey glazy, feel free!!!!!

hey glazy, feel free!!!!! I'm gonna link back to you too.


Didn't we amke a bet or something of whether the last shot is gonna work? So what did i loose???



hahaha. yeah man you lost!!!

hahaha. yeah man you lost!!! i was like, I have to make this shot work! i have $20 at stake!

This stuff is great.  I

This stuff is great.  I really like the shaky cam and focus pulls. 




Great work man. Can't wait

Great work man. Can't wait to see it in the movie.


Those shots look really neat

Those shots look really neat !! Good work !!!


Andrew Glazebrook 

Who Am I and why in the world...
...am i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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