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When you set out to make a genre film like DS, you have this mental picture of your ideal viewer- the guy who will not only "get" your film but he exists on the same exact mental plane as the story. It's the guy that will absorb the world you're creating and will spit it right back at you. I think i found that person at the Viacom screening and, in lieu of having any official reviews to post, I am posting his email to me (with his permission). Thank you Noel! You are The Quintessential Deployment Strategy Fan!

Hey Mark,

The movie was fantastic! Nika and I both really enjoyed it. Not only
was it way above and beyond what might be reasonably expected given your
budgetary and time constraints, but it was a really tight story -- a
full-fledged piece of thoughtful science fiction with a gripping
narrative drive. And the humor, especially the eponymous joke about
deployment strategy, was right on in that it flowed with the overall
tone -- it didn't clash with the pervading sense of dire urgency of the
overall piece.

This is just incredibly impressive -- if you had said it had taken you
five years to make it I don't think people would have been surprised. I
really felt that you skimped neither on the story nor on the special
effects, in a situation where it would have been pretty typical to see
someone weighing heavily on one at the expense of the other. I felt
like this was really professional-looking stuff -- and I think that
whatever aspects of it might not personally fulfill *your* larger vision
for it are completely compensated for by the obvious depth of attention
and care you put in fashioning every aspect of it. The fact that you've
got that blog there documenting your thought and work process is
ingenious, too -- it provides a strong basis for potential investors or
partners to have confidence in you because they can really see how *you*
brought the finished project to fruition...

...I have been thinking especially about that part in the flying craft where they were
discussing the ethics of artificial life forms. I really liked the idea
that these people were not just obedient soldiers -- they were thinking
people who had some real opinions about what they were engaged in. I
like that you weren't afraid to make them smart and articulate...

Take care,

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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