2 more festival announcements plus other updates


Hey all, the time for an update is far overdue!! So here goes! In this week's update:
· 2 more festival announcements
· Coming soon: A new website
· Coming soon: DVDs go on sale!
· Film review blitz

let's jump right in!

We've gotten into 2 more festivals!! The Indie Fest USA International Film Festival and The Big Bang Film Festal! Both festivals are in October. That puts our total to 8 festivals in the four months since the film was completed! We've played at a festival in every month since the film was locked on May 28th! October is going to be busy with a total of four festivals:

1. ShockerFest- Modesto, CA (10/6/2007)
2. Sweet Onion Film Festival- Walla Walla, Washington (10/26/2007)
3. Indie Fest USA International Film Festival- Anaheim, Florida (10/26 - 10/28/2007)
4. Big Bang Film Festival- Philadelphia, PA (10/17 - 10/21/2007)

I'm checking my schedule now to see what's feasible to actually attend, but the Sweet Onion Film Festival and Indie Fest USA International Film Festival are on the same weekend!!

So I'm also working on a website that will serve as the main marketing site for DS. I'm really happy with this site, but it's geared more towards the behind-the-scenes of getting a film done. Deployment Strategy needs a movie website that's more polished and glossy- ya know, the marketing site that says, "You must watch this film!!!", and not, "OMG I lost the camera today on the train!" LOL. That's the site url that will then have the link where you can buy the DVD… Which brings us to the next topic.

The Deployment Strategy DVD will be available to purchase online!! The packaging and disc design look awesome (Check out gallery here, if you haven't seen it yet) and I can't wait till you guys get your hands on it! I had a certain number of DVDs created by DiscMakers.com, every indie filmmaker's best friend, and have set up an account with Paypal.com to handle all the transactions. Once the new site is launched, I'll begin taking orders as well as sending out screener copies to online and print reviewers. Hopefully the publicity will drive traffic to the new site.

I don't expect my current inventory to last that long, so I'm in the process of setting up accounts with a couple of online DVD distributors. These sites like FilmBaby.com, IndieFlix.com, and CreateSpace.com will store the digital file and burn a dvd each time someone places an order. It's efficient for everyone because there's not extra cost that would otherwise incur for inventory space.

The accounts tend to have small setup fees and are non-exclusive so you can sell on multiple sites. The one thing you need to read carefully is the pricing plans because they all work on a revenue-sharing basis. They will usually take a flat per unit fee and then possibly a percentage of the margin on top of that. So say for example a company may take the first 5 dollars of your dvd sale. That means if you charge $9 for your movie, you'll make 4 and the online distributor will take 5. Another company might have a $5 per unit fee for processing and then take %50 of the revenue after that. So again if you charged $9 per DVD it breaks down this way: Online distributor takes $5 for processing. That leaves $4 sales revenue which they keep %50 of. So you make $2 for every $9 copy of your film someone buys.

So that's a lot to think about in terms of the price point you're going to set and a lot of it depends on the goal of your distribution plan. You want to move numbers or make money? I don't think the answer is as clear as one might think. For me, Deployment Strategy has always been an investment in myself, to serve as a calling card of what I can do as a director, and what I can deliver as a producer. When I started this project I didn't have any contacts or know anyone in the business. So my goal is to get it in front of as many people as possible. With that said, I'd still like to make some money!!!!! With a short film, I believe that as the price goes higher and higher above the $10 mark, willingness to purchase the film gets increasingly smaller. So we're going to price the DVD at $9.99 plus shipping.

Now once the site is up and ready to take orders I'll be doing a promotions blitz to try to get some media coverage. I've compiled a list of people I've met at networking parties, film festivals, and their associates who I've promised screener copies. I'll be submitting to online reviewers like Film Threat and a slew of others, and I've also put together a mailing list of editors of print magazines in the sci-fi/indie film genres. So copies of Deployment Strategy will get mailed out to all of them along with an electronic press kit. If you're interested in how to put together an EPK or how I decided to put mine together, you'll all be able to download it from the new website.

Alright, that's it for now. Talk to you soon.


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