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i realized i posted this on a couple of forums but hadn't even added it here!! Here's a mini-mini-doc on how i assembled the different elements for this shot. Check it out (windows media)


yo guys,

last night we had a session of audio pickups with actor Joe Barbagallo. With the fine cut 99.99% complete, there are areas where I need some both additional dialogue and/or re-recording of existing dialogue to smooth scenes out. So Joe and I met at the Nickelodeon offices where i work and...

spent a couple hours doing audio pickups in a conference room. We had a great time recording Joe's character- Warnock's - expletives, moans, coughs, and screams. By the end we were both sweating from laughing so hard. The best part was when I was recording Joe make screams and simulate getting kicked in the chest. Shortly after the take, Joe straightened up and said, "Shit, I nearly threw up." That got us into another laughing fit. Who knew audio pickups would be so fun?!

This is our 3rd one...check it out...Anatomy of a Fight Scene!!!

1:09 am eastern standard time, June 6th, 2006.

The rough cut is complete.

Now I will sleep.

pretty darn sweet. here are some images of the completed models and texturing for the Homeland Security Cyber Crime HQ and a hover bus...more after the jump...

So the modelling and textures are now complete for these models. They now will be animated and dropped into the film's rough cut.


(click on images below to view high rez versions)



Check it out dudes. New WIP for you all. This is the Department of Homeland Security's rooftop!

click for fullsize image

Hey dudes, here's episode 2 of our ongoing video blog series! In this episode we meet actor, Einar Gunnar, and the team of GornFX who've been tasked with tackling all the practical effects work for the film. We'll see these guy again in future episodes too. Enjoy!!

Other formats:


So I thought I'd write a bit about how Chris, the composer, and I spent the weekend discussing the music for the film....

I actually had sent Chris roughcut versions of a couple of scenes over the internet before he came to NYC. I'd render the clips from Premiere into windows media files and upload them to an ftp site for Chris to download. He's already read the script so he knew how the scenes fit into the whole film.

Over the weekend, we filmed a crew interview that you'll see in a video blog later on and then spent Monday morning talking about the music composition. We talked about the major plot points and the overall theme of the film, and how that would affect the music. I talked about how I saw the main character's arc and how he changed by the end of the film. so we came up with maybe using a melody for the character and have that sort of "grow up" as the character does. Chris brought up how he'd been toying with the idea of using some vocals in the soundtrack and I loved the idea. It meshed well with the theme of what it means to be human. Maybe the human vocals can reflect that in the music!

Oy, mates! Just had a totally wicked weekend! Chris Haigh, our soundtrack composer, was in New York City with his family on a vacation! For you blokes who haven't been keeping tabs, Chris is from South Yorkshire, England!!

We've been collaboraing over email and IM since we met on the 'net since we met half a year ago! This was our first time meeting in person and it was totally sorted!

We had lunch on friday, dinner in Little Italy on Saturday, did a crew interview this morning at the Nickelodeon offices, and had breakfast in the Viacom cafeteria. We managed to get some good discussion in about the soundtrack composition and its role in the film. Chris' brother Dave is proper cool and so are his parents! Good to see you Chris! Hope you got home ok!!

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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