Hey all,

Had a really productive editing weekend! Completed the roughcut for a couple of cool scenes...Thought I'd post some stills from them for you to see.

The main sequences I started on were ones that revealed the rogue programmer, his employer, and his "pet" sexbot. That lead straight into the first confrontation scene with the soldiers of D9.

It was great to be interacting with the footage again because the raw clips always bring you back to the fun you had during shooting!

Hot off the editing suite: our first web video blog!! check it out!


higher resolution links here for download!!

windows media



New CG shots

Hey guys, here's another WIP update on Andrew's police carrier.

We've done a test composite here on the bg plate and I added some glowing after burner effect. (The bg plate is a photo taken from the offices here at MTV!)

This isn't a clip from the final film, but just another test.



Andrew's work is awesome and I love his attention to detail!

Click for a larger view:


Hey all, finally posted some updates of the CGI work! Click read more below or just click here!

Teaser is online!! check it out! (more soon..must

It'll give you a good idea of the story, but there hasn't been any decent color correction nor any fx work done yet! so there'll definitely be another one as we get more of that stuff done!

Patryk Rebisz (The DP!) - At only 25 years of age Patryk has already worked with major stars (Lindsay Lohan, Jared Leto, Jamie Harris and more) and has shot 3 feature films. Moreover he has shot and directed multitude of short films, commercials and music videos. He's worked with tons of cool film gear (if you ever saw a really cool-looking big camera or a rig he's worked with it before!). Besides a small cult folowing online, his recent short film "Between You and Me" has won him both Best Cinematography award (Gotham City Film Festival) and Second Best in Experimnetal Film category from Big Apple Film Festival.

Hey all, Just posted some cast production photos..take a look...

when the film's finally done, maybe I'll convert these into G.I. Joe tech specs with each character's strength...

...yes, yes, I had to include a photo of myself! The guns were just too cool to pass up!




Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

Random Image from the Gallery

GornFX in action

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