I finally conviced Adrian, our CGI artist, to cough up some WIP's for you guys to see. These works in progress are without textures, details, and lighting; but they do show you basically how the drop ships will look like...Great work, Adrian!!

So here's the first glimpse of the dropship design! Adrian's currently building the 3D model. I haven't seen the most recent version that incorporates some of the changes we went over. Adrian lives and works in Canada so we've been tele-collaborating over emails..More soon! I know this section has been a bit barren but a lot of CGI work actually happens in post so you should feel lucky to see anything! haha.

Knight Driver, otherwise known as Brian, is making all of the props for the film. These include gadgets and gear that our soldiers (and one combat mech) wear..

One of the coolest thing Brian's doing is building the Multibodies!! Multibodies are 9 inch in diameter spheres that accompany the soldiers on their missions. Covered with lenses for surveillance, they also have a detachable gun unit and ammunition reservoir. Check out the great photos in the Props section!

Based in Connecticut, Brian is awesome at what he does! I highly recommend this guy!!

Just posted some photos of our greenscreen studio we made! For some of the special effects scenes, we're planning to shoot in front of a green screen.

For those of you unfamiliar with the technique, the basic idea is to shoot an actor or awesome spaceship in front of a green area. With the footage on your computer, you remove all the green and insert our own background.

So I thought I'd post some sample storyboards to give you an idea of how we previz the film...In Hollywood, previz is done with computers and the whole thing is like movie in itself. We're still old school and am drawing out action on paper...take a look

Storyboards help us conceptualize anything from camera angles, lighting, editing, blocking, pace..lots of stuff! One note about these boards here- the last 8 frames are a different scene than the stuff above...these samples were scanned earlier into the computer for my props and cgi teams...

So I thought I'd post this concept art. It's pretty funny...this is the result of a bodyguard that refuses to die until it's head is blown off..At first the soldiers think its a cyborg mech until they realize he's just wearing body armor...

So here's a great photo of the warehouse location where the film's final action scene is going to take place.

Why would an Isreali Diplomat want to meet a young programmer in an electronics warehouse in the middle of the night??

Surely they're up to no good!

I just added a bunch of photos in the Props section! Take a look!!

All the soldier gear is being supplied by The Weapons Specialists, located in NYC...The guys supply real guns, non-firing replicas, and all sort of other cool stuff! Their last big project was War of the Worlds which was shot in NY and NJ!! Check it out the gear for Division 9...



This is a progress photo from my talented prop guy, Brian.

In the film, the Multbody's purpose is to faciliate Division 9 by providing elevated covering fire and illumination.

Brian's done an awesome job making them look authentic and realistic!<

Niiiiice!! You may have seen the P90 in the Stargate series, Alias, or the cool anime series, Gunslinger Girl.

The gang at The Weapons Specialists in New York City are providing the weapons and armor for the soldiers of Division 7! These P90s are non-firing replicas.

The Weapons Specialists also rent out real guns (weapons handler required), missile launchers, knives, and basically everything you need for a cool movie!!

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

Random Image from the Gallery

5. Elevated and Hot!!

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