just got the letter yesterday (yes they sent a paper notification!) We're an official selection! More soon :D

just added a new article on the right about how i built the set of the dropship. Some of you will remember reading it in Student Filmmakers magazine a while back. I've added more photos and a video too! enjoy. mc

Fangoria Magazine calls it, "the Sundance of the Weird". I just got the phone call from the director of the festival. We're nominate against one other film he told me. Oct 6 and 7th in Modesto, CA. I'll get more info in the email but he said that they'll be doing some local late night cable advertising on the Sci-Fi Channel between midnight and 6am! LOL. I'm going cut a 30 sec commercial for my film advertising online sales (soon!) and the screening at the ShockerFest!!! Stay Tuned!! mc

Well, i guess it's never good news when the film doesn't get into a festival, but if you have to get ding'd then this was a pretty cool way to have it done- I got a call from the director of a short film festival (who will not be named). He left me a 5 minute voicemail, and I called him back and spoke to him in person for a while. In summary, he said that he normally has dedicated people screening the applicants, but that he usually tries to take a stack home with him to watch at night. Deployment Strategy was one of them.

When you set out to make a genre film like DS, you have this mental picture of your ideal viewer- the guy who will not only "get" your film but he exists on the same exact mental plane as the story. It's the guy that will absorb the world you're creating and will spit it right back at you. I think i found that person at the Viacom screening and, in lieu of having any official reviews to post, I am posting his email to me (with his permission). Thank you Noel! You are The Quintessential Deployment Strategy Fan!

... oh boy... lotsa little details to take care of... stay tuned... [updated!] woo-hoo! ok ok, it's saturday. the Viacom screening went extremely well on Thursday and then the following night we had the cast/crew premiere screening in the same theater. so much to talk about! Let's talk about the Viacom screening... this was the fourth time Deployment Strategy has played for an audience. It's played in Arizona, LA, and Cleveland at different festivals, but in a way, i considered this a larger deal than any of those. Why? Cuz it's playing for employees of VIACOM- the media giant, the media elite. Standards are high here because standards are defined here. It could be a tough crowd!!

Nickelodeon Web Developer by day...Science Fiction movie director by night!!!

One of the benefits of being in the family! With the enthusiastic cooperation and support of Paramount Pictures Promotions department, Deployment Strategy will have 2 screenings next week in Times Square in the Viacom building! Both will be private, invite-only screenings (in compliance with most film festival rules)

CLARIFICATION: FREE FOR ALL VIACOM EMPLOYEES! You do NOT need an invite if you work for Viacom, just show up :D I have invited the whole company which puts me safely within festival rules :D .

Thursday, August 16th at 12:30 pm will be the Viacom Employee Screening for people in the company. Friday, August 17th at 8pm will be the Cast & Crew screening. I'm so psyched for both of them!

That's the poster I made on the left that's hanging on walls all over the office! There's a huge version after the jump too...

I don't have much details yet on this one except that Dragon*Con is in Atlanta, GA the last weekend in August. It usually gets 30,000 attendees and this year some of the cool genre celebs that will be there are some cast members from Serenity, Star Treak, Battlestar, and the Harry Potter movies!! Cool!!! Not sure if I can attend this one- RATS!!! - but we'll see...Will post more soon!!

boy, i'm going slightly nuts here...I've got three NYC screenings I'm trying to plan and 2 festivals (i don't think i can go to all 3 at this point cuz it'll be so much travel... anways, i'm working frantically to get my dvd packaging and promo items like one sheets and postcards ready for them.

here's the direction i'm headed with the poster...(UPDATED for last time again!!:)

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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