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here's the 411: I've completed the last of the computer user-interfaces that appear throughout the film. I didn't realize I had so many of them! The Major's computer appears 3-4 times, the Multibody has one, and so does the sexbot!! I'll be posting clips soon as well as sketches I drafted on paper before designing in photoshop and compositing them.

3D animation is going well. there are 12 shots total and we're in round 2 revisions for 4 of them and round 1 for another 3...Those ArtDuck guys are awesome!! I plan to show you the evolution of them once I have a completed shot. I realized from showing ppl intermediary shots that it's difficult to understand what's done and what's not done.

just finished uploading a bunch of new photos/images in the NEW Gallery section use the menu on top of the page or click here!

OK, OK, it looks like some of you guys found your way to the hidden image gallery section I've been quietly building! Good for you. It'll be officially launched soon. I just need to iron out some tweaks..

Finally!!! after a long and exhaustive search, i've finally found a vendor for the 3D animation for the film. Art Duck Studios ( will tackle the 12 3D animation effects for the film. A dozen doesn't sound like a lot, but they sure are money shots man!! I'll post more in time and hopefully have some WIPs (work-in-progress, guys) to show you as we move ahead. For now, you can check out a previous blog entry about the 3D spec materials i was showing around for an RFP (request for propsal, guys). Yay!!


yo guys, sorry for no recent posts. I'm in florida and returning today...I really needed a break from it all. The film's getting real close now. I'll have a pretty cool update midweek for you all. More site revisions coming soon too! i want to organize this site a bit better so you can find good content! ttyl. mc

i just added a new featured article, I MUST CREATE CONCEPT ART. it's on the left under my picture...or just click

Hey all, just added a dedicated cast page...more content on the way here.


there may be intermittent strangeness going on in formatting and stuff this weekend!!! whole week.. Sealed

please have patience! thanks

Hey guys, it's a work in progress! Innocent


I'm almost done with vfx...stay tuned for a sweet montage of almost all the vfx in the film. it'll be a major spoiler reel so proceed with caution!...also got a nice surprise for you web guys coming up next week ;)


Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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