hey guys, i'm back!

I took a week off (2 weeks ago!) to see family and get some rest, and am now gunning to wrap this up. SORRRY for no updates! i've received some angry eager fans wanting to know what's going on so here's a summary post, and a promise to post more stuff!

You know that Project Status chart in the top right? Next time, i'm going to break down Post-Production into 60 million individual steps cuz there's so much to do!!! There are many things that are developing in parallel which may explain why nothing's done yet, but it will mean that once they begin to finish, it'll happen fast!

Hey all,

Time for an update! First off- there will be more updates more often from now on. I promise!! In this post- updates on soundtrack, sound mixing, 3D effects, 2D effects, and more!! so read on!

Soundtrack My good friend and music composer, Chris Haigh has been hard at work on the soundtrack. Although we've had some bad luck in making our weekly video conferences - scheduling, computer, and network problems!!- we've still managed to make a lot of progress. Last week Chris sent me his newest compositions in wav file format.

The way we've been working is like this: He lives in England, I live in NJ, so we rely on the internet for correspondence. We'll email each other over night, sometimes he'll catch me while I'm at work and we'll talk over IM. And, when possible, we'll video conference together. That actually is the best since we can talk and gesture, and Chris can hop on his keyboard to play me something, and I can use my hands and facial expressions to convey ideas I can't articulate!

Hey guys,

Worked like a madman editing the final scene of the film last night..I can see the light at the end of the least for the ROUGH cut..check it...

i'm really pushing to get a rough cut done that at least reflects the overall duration of the film. that way, the composer can start working on scoring the whole thing. I'm dropping in empty plates for fx shots and some minimal shots that I'll have to do pickups for. This'll also help the fx team cuz they'll know exactly how long a shot needs to be and don't over-produce.

deepest apologies all for not having posted in a while. thanks for your patience! So what's been going on all this time?? here are four quick updates with a renewed promise to have more updates soon!!

So this past month i've been inundated with non-film, other life committments that aren't really worth getting into and if you're here to read about the progress of the film you wouldn't care about them anyway. the only thing I'd mention that is kinda related about the film is that this is what indie filmmaking is like- you wanna spend all your time on it, but the demands and obligations of your life can't be ignored. OK, ok, enough of that boring pontifications!!!!!!! Let's get to some updates!

Hey all,

Had a really productive editing weekend! Completed the roughcut for a couple of cool scenes...Thought I'd post some stills from them for you to see.

The main sequences I started on were ones that revealed the rogue programmer, his employer, and his "pet" sexbot. That lead straight into the first confrontation scene with the soldiers of D9.

It was great to be interacting with the footage again because the raw clips always bring you back to the fun you had during shooting!

hey all,

It's the first week of post-production!! 

I just posted all the production blogs from last week and back-dated them so each blog entry represents its respective shooting day. Check it out. I'll post screen captures as soon as I can. (I'm trying to recover on vacation now ;) The dailies look great and I can't wait to edit! More next week...



fixed bug..

...fixed minor bug in Practical FX post I made a week ago..clicking on thumbnail images should now show you larger pics..Firefox users had it working all the time!

Hey all,

As promised here's my blog entry for the first day of shooting: December 17th, 2005

Our location was an abandoned factory located down in Trenton, NJ. You couldn't ask for a richer looking location, and it was a low-budget film's dream in that you didn't need an art department to add too much more to it...

when I got home tonight, santa had come! all my SWAT boots, a swarm of Multibody props, a carrying case, and other props from the prop master had arrived!! This shoot is going to be sweet! also finally got a call from my DP who was in Spain shooting some stuff. He's back and safe and available for the shoot this saturday! We're scouting the location tomorrow night (tuesday). On wednesday, I have another fight choreography rehearsal and a meeting with the Weapon Specialists. Thursday I pickup the guns and gear. Friday some crew sleeps over, Saturday we shoot and on Sunday we have an on-set, dress rehearsal. when do i sleep??

hey all, had a productive weekend.

Friday Spent my friday night in a cold, dark, abandoned factory spray painting lockers black for this weekend's shoot. (note to self: spray painting for 2 hours straight makes your index finger numb for 3 days straight)

Saturday The costumes arrived in the mail and the actors at Saturday's rehearsal managed to try them on and they look great! (These are the SWAT BDU's I'm talking about. Battle Dress Uniforms, ok?!)

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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Multibodies provide supressing fire

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