Hey all,

We just finished a long day of auditions...10:30am to 3:30pm with no lunch break!! We had a great group of people come thru our audition room. A couple of no-shows as always, but it was great because it allowed us to spend a bit of extra time with the actors that did!

Everyone was fantastic and even though we're tired, we're VERY happy with the day's events.

We'll be making final decisions this weekend I think and putting calls out to everyone to let them know. Right now, I'm really really psyched! As we packed up and left the studio, I turned to my co-executive producer and said, "I think we have our cast!!"

Getting psyched about the auditions that are scheduled tomorrow!! Will let you know how it goes later this week!!

hey all, Audition dates are about to be locked..just checking on some scheduling things...Also, the construction of the dropship set is also underway..will have photos soon! I've been running around and on the phone forever so I haven't time to post some new bios and pics...will get that soon, I promise!! thanks to all the readers out there..we're getting some good feedback! mark.

hey all, short post...just wanted to share the highlight of my day..was at Weapons Specialists today to review with Ryder, my armorer, his recommendations for guns and gear...while there I got to fire my first gun ever!! Some guys have fired hunting rifles and stuff, but I got to fire an assault rifle. It was a real rush! Will post photos tomorrow...

Also, I went to Home Depot with Harrison and Shane, my assistant producer and prop guy respectively, and bought a ton of stuff for one of our sets - the interior of our dropship..We'll have a photo documentary of building that soon...

Haven't posted in a while..trying to catch up..when there isn't a post for a while, it counter-intuitively means that there has been a lot of activity going on!

Thanks to everyone out there on web that's emailed such great feedback on the site! Special shout out to whose visitors have been particularly responsive!

So I've been reviewing DP reels and talking to pyrotechnicians. Will hopefully be making a decision soon on the director of photography. I've shot all my own stuff up until now, but want this project to be a collaborative effort with another creative type...

Wow, I'm getting some great submissions for the casting! When casting for a film, the books will keep an open mind about the actors that will play your characters. The idea is that the actor is bringing something to the story. Unless a physical description is absolutely critical to the plotlines, you should look to the casting process as another dimension that will flesh out the story...With that said, from just looking at headshots and resumes, I have a great time imagining how each potential actor would flesh out the character in their own unique way...can't wait till auditions!

btw, any other directors out there? What casting sites do you use?

Hi all,

Thanks for coming to our site. This is my first of hopefully many happy posts in the evolution of our film. In the coming days, I'll be filling out the content in the different sections of our site and adding photos of developments we've made so far!

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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