Getting psyched about the auditions that are scheduled tomorrow!! Will let you know how it goes later this week!!

Hi everyone! It's October already! It's been silent on the blog for a bit, but it's not because there's nothing going on! Here are the results of our camera/fx tests that we shot 2 weeks ago. We're trying to define the look and feel of the film before production begins. I also needed to do some proof of concept fx work for the floating multibodies. Click on the links below to launch sample video (or right click and select save-as) of our work..

[Please let me know if either of these files don't work! Email me in the FAQs section!!]

divx file (right click to save-as)
quicktime file (right click to save-as)

It's October already! Here are some screenshots of our video test we did 2 weeks ago. The goal was to test lighting, camera, some visual effects, and the digital "finish". I'm really happy with the results. We'll post more information soon including some video downloads of the fx work. Enjoy!! [Video downloads are posted and can be seen here!!!!]

hey all, Audition dates are about to be locked..just checking on some scheduling things...Also, the construction of the dropship set is also underway..will have photos soon! I've been running around and on the phone forever so I haven't time to post some new bios and pics...will get that soon, I promise!! thanks to all the readers out there..we're getting some good feedback! mark.

hey all, short post...just wanted to share the highlight of my day..was at Weapons Specialists today to review with Ryder, my armorer, his recommendations for guns and gear...while there I got to fire my first gun ever!! Some guys have fired hunting rifles and stuff, but I got to fire an assault rifle. It was a real rush! Will post photos tomorrow...

Also, I went to Home Depot with Harrison and Shane, my assistant producer and prop guy respectively, and bought a ton of stuff for one of our sets - the interior of our dropship..We'll have a photo documentary of building that soon...

I met today with Shane and Harrison to plan the construction of the dropship interior. As you may have seen in the CGI section, the exterior of the ship will be created in pixels while the interior scene is a real set..We drafted some blue prints of how it will look and are doing a Home Depot run next week..building takes place the day after that..we'll definitely have a photo session of that construction too just like we did with the green screen...

This set's been bothering me in the back of my mind for a was great to finalize it's construction today!

Here's a scan of our notes for some visuals! The idea here is to construct the interior of the dropship to match the dimensions of a U Haul truck so that when we film the soldiers jumping out of the CGI dropship, they'll actually be leaping out of a U Haul..the we'll composite in the digital ship...Are you not entertained!!!

Cooooool! I just got these photo updates from Brian, the prop designer..take a look...

In the film, the Homeland Security officers of Division 9 are equipped with Multibody orbs that provide a number of supplementary functions like surveillance and covering fire from elevated positions..these gloves are what the officers use to control and program the Multibodies...

Brian's done an awesome job of creating in real life what I've put down on paper..Brian, you rock!!

concept art:

ugh, sick of separating posts by subject!! here are quick notes:

Camera Tests - DP and I are doing some camera tests next week, I should also have some digital "treatments" I've been experimenting with to define and refine the look of the'll see what I mean by gritty and dark...It actually kinda looks like Battlestar...But of course the DP (whose bio I'll post soon!) may just step in and say, "No, no, no.." :)

Locations - still looking for a sweet locker room..any gym owners want to volunteer?

Actors - great casting response, but still need an Asian male lead actor, a bodybuilder, and female model to play the sexbot!!

I finally conviced Adrian, our CGI artist, to cough up some WIP's for you guys to see. These works in progress are without textures, details, and lighting; but they do show you basically how the drop ships will look like...Great work, Adrian!!

Arg! Most of my Director's Blog posts seem to mention insurance, and so it shouldn't be a surprise when I say it's such an annoying process of getting some!! I've just found out that if you have any squibs on the set, it makes getting basic short term coverage a pain!!! We're now strongly reconsidering whether we should have live pyrotechnics on site...arg!

Who Am I and why in the world... i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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