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hey all, had a productive weekend.

Friday Spent my friday night in a cold, dark, abandoned factory spray painting lockers black for this weekend's shoot. (note to self: spray painting for 2 hours straight makes your index finger numb for 3 days straight)

Saturday The costumes arrived in the mail and the actors at Saturday's rehearsal managed to try them on and they look great! (These are the SWAT BDU's I'm talking about. Battle Dress Uniforms, ok?!)

It's October already! Here are some screenshots of our video test we did 2 weeks ago. The goal was to test lighting, camera, some visual effects, and the digital "finish". I'm really happy with the results. We'll post more information soon including some video downloads of the fx work. Enjoy!! [Video downloads are posted and can be seen here!!!!]

Hi everyone! It's October already! It's been silent on the blog for a bit, but it's not because there's nothing going on! Here are the results of our camera/fx tests that we shot 2 weeks ago. We're trying to define the look and feel of the film before production begins. I also needed to do some proof of concept fx work for the floating multibodies. Click on the links below to launch sample video (or right click and select save-as) of our work..

[Please let me know if either of these files don't work! Email me in the FAQs section!!]

divx file (right click to save-as)
quicktime file (right click to save-as)

I finally conviced Adrian, our CGI artist, to cough up some WIP's for you guys to see. These works in progress are without textures, details, and lighting; but they do show you basically how the drop ships will look like...Great work, Adrian!!

So here's the first glimpse of the dropship design! Adrian's currently building the 3D model. I haven't seen the most recent version that incorporates some of the changes we went over. Adrian lives and works in Canada so we've been tele-collaborating over emails..More soon! I know this section has been a bit barren but a lot of CGI work actually happens in post so you should feel lucky to see anything! haha.

Here's the design spec for the dropship. In this film, I felt that dropship needed a backstory in the same way any other character in the film needs one. Most of the guidelines tend to be focused on the functional use of the ship...


The dropship is an advanced police-military personnel carrier. It carries up to 6 troops and 2 pilots, and is designed to land in tight urban areas such as on streets between buildings on city blocks. The ship has a high vertical wing that makes the overall ship resemble a shark's dorsal fin. The ship is capable of horizontal flight and vertical take-offs and landings. The sides and belly of the ship have flashing police lights and landing lights to illuminate troop deployment. The deployment door is located in the rear and resembles the back of a U-Haul Truck in its rectangular shape. On both sides of the ship are hatches where equipment can be easily accessed. The Division number is painted on the outside of the ship's dark body. It can have some type of color scheme, but is overall dark for night missions. The ship has some type of propulsion boosters that can pivot for vertical landings and flying. The ship is heavily weathered to show it's wear and tear. It's been through a lot of missions and has it's share of battle scars (shrapnel and bullets). the paint is chipped and faded. the ship has some light weaponry located on the wings or under the belly of the ship for covering fire when necessary, but it is primarily a personnel carrier. The ship uses landing legs rather than wheels or skids. The ship has some light protective armor particularly around the propulsion boosters for protection. On top of the ship's hull are sirens and a variety of antenna for communications. The pilot and co pilot can be seen from the front of the ship.

 edit: Adrian Chan is no longer associated with this project.

Adrian Chan joins the Deployment Strategy crew as CGI effects designer and coordinator. I'll be posting Adrian's bio and picture soon, but for now, here's a link to his website! www.adrianctchan.com That's a sample from his portfolio!


I found Adrian online at the www.3Dluvr.com website, after striking up an online conversation, a couple of phone calls, and his reading and enjoying the script, Adrian came on board. Adrian's currently in the conceptual phase of designing the personnel dropship. (More about that in the FX-CGI section!)

Just posted some photos of our greenscreen studio we made! For some of the special effects scenes, we're planning to shoot in front of a green screen.

For those of you unfamiliar with the technique, the basic idea is to shoot an actor or awesome spaceship in front of a green area. With the footage on your computer, you remove all the green and insert our own background.

So I thought I'd post this concept art. It's pretty funny...this is the result of a bodyguard that refuses to die until it's head is blown off..At first the soldiers think its a cyborg mech until they realize he's just wearing body armor...

GornFX will be doing all the practical and in-camera effects on Deployment Strategy. These include bullet wounds, torn off arms, a punched off head, crushed eye socket..wow, come to think of it, this is a violent movie!

As I wrote in a former post, I met the GornFX team, Ken and Ingrid, on the set of a reality show pilot. They were doing the make up on that project. We got to talking and Ingrid said that they love to do zombies. Then Ken whipped out their portfolio and I couldn't believe the awesome undead and multilation fx they've done!

Who Am I and why in the world...
...am i doing this?? I ask myself this all the freaking time but the conclusion is always the same- I don't know why, all I know is that I just must, must, must make this film...

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